Mike Esposito

Mike Esposito

Scientist I | MCR Labs

I am a scientist at MCR labs, an independent cannabis testing laboratory here in Massachusetts, where I work with the scientific operations team and focus mainly on microbiological testing and method development. I also have experience working as a cultivator and tissue culture technician for multiple licensed cannabis producers here in the commonwealth.

Prior to joining the cannabis industry, I studied plant, soil, and insect sciences at UMASS Amherst. During my time there I worked as a lab technician in a variety of different laboratories, ranging from fungal genomics and genetic engineering to molecular barcoding and ecology laboratories. My work focused largely on polymerase chain reaction (PCR) of armored scale insects in order to sequence trackable segments of DNA that the USDA could use to monitor the movement of invasive species.

Much of my time in the cannabis industry has been focused on cultivation strategies to reduce the threat of microbiological contamination, as well as sterile methods for cannabis cloning to ensure the absence of plant pathogens that could infect production batches.

My current work on quantitative and qualitative microbiological testing methods helps ensure that the patient community in Massachusetts receives medicine devoid of harmful pathogens. By leveraging the advantages of both growth-based and PCR-based technologies for detection and quantification of target pathogens and exploring all advances in technology, MCR Labs and I make use of cutting-edge methodologies to keep consumers safe as the cannabis industry continues to bloom.