Matt Walton

Matt Walton

Founder & Chief Executive Officer | Yorcue

I am the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of yorcue. With our patented AI fulfillment technology, we offer the ability for any person, small business, brand, or enterprise to achieve on-demand fulfillment. We view things differently: By treating retail delivery and inventory movable for customers, we view the world as a connected supply chain ecosystem. Our technology aims to harmonize e-commerce, brick-and-mortar, and mobile warehouse channels. yorcue reduces overhead, inventory carry costs while increasing revenue through on-demand mobile fulfillment. We focus on transforming supply chain management by automating inventory replenishment, manifesting, utilization, and last mile delivery. With privacy and security in mind and in design, we are also modernizing how organizations view, track, manage, store and secure data to meet regulatory standards and compliance needs.

In 2018, I was recognized as top 25 global AI/ML thought leaders by Reuters. I have deep expertise in Supply Chain & Logistics, Fleet and Field Service Management, AI/ML, Product realization, and IP generation. Invented, designed, scaled, and managed over 300 individual web, mobile & cloud systems across my career.

My career has spanned over 28+ years of entrepreneurial & enterprise C-suite experience. Prior to yorcue, I served as the Chief Design Officer of Artificial and Adaptive Intelligence at Oracle, focused within ERP? Supply Chain automation. I created and drove the user/customer empathetic vision, strategy, design, and architecture of Oracle’s artificial intelligence & blockchain offerings; specifically, transforming how people interact with hyper personalized, cognitive, and intelligent connected systems.

As hands on system inventor, designer, technologist, and entrepreneur, I’ve spent my career thrusting & lifting teams to create transformational products and experiences. As an insatiable learner, My unique career has spanned award-winning illustrator, Walt Disney character animator, toy designer, game designer, application designer, product management leader, business strategist & futurist. I have managed small to very large teams within design/UX, product management, engineering, business strategy, and operations.

Across my career, I have conceived, designed and deployed over 300 digital products within entertainment, retail, healthcare, military, commerce, social, business intelligence, and logistics, and machine learning/AI working within a broad set of hardware capabilities such as cloud, mobility, surface, and appliance computing environments such as IOT and VR. I hold Multiple patents in Big Data/Analytics & Location-based Supply Chain Logistics.

I continue to speak and teach on a wide variety of subjects, from Futurism, AI & Machine Learning, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Technology, Engineering, and Design. Most importantly, the imperative that organizations become highly nimble, ethical and empathy-led cultures, building transformational data-driven products and services.