Jennifer Whetzel

Jennifer Whetzel

Founder, LadyJane Branding |

Jennifer grew up working in her family’s regionally-famous Polish Sausage business learning early-on the power of a brand that forms emotional connections with its customers.

Her career journey included retail operations and merchandising at 7-Eleven, a focus on PR on a military base in Japan, and a number of years branding businesses at advertising agencies. To round out her career she crafted strategies based on data at a consumer research firm, launched a dozen new animal-health supplements, and dabbled a bit in experiential marketing strategy.

She got her medical marijuana card the day she moved to Maine in 2017 to help manage symptoms from multiple immune disorders. She credits cannabis and the friends she met in her local cannabis community as playing a key role in managing and healing from PTSD.

As she spent more time in the community, she realized she could lend her expertise to busy cannabis entrepreneurs who were much too busy to focus on learning how to create a strong, memorable brand. She put her hard-earned and well-practiced branding skills to use and created a Brand Discovery Process that helps clients design their own Brand Character, Identity, Style and Strategy.